Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Favorites: Unauthorized Biographies

I'm not a very private person (don't act so shocked), but I have yet to authorize my biography. I guess I'm waiting for the right offer.

You can imagine my surprise when a friend gifted me with a parable from my very own life. It was as if the author knew me, intimately even. Like he slept on the left side of my bed and cleaned my bathrooms on Saturday. Like he brought me water in the middle of the night and kept complaints to a minimum when he tripped on the umpteenth pair of shoes littering the bedroom floor.

Speaking of shoes...I now present, a parable from The Unauthorized Biography of Becky Wickstrom.

I never realized how beautiful my life is and how much people can learn from me. I would share the rest of the story but then how would Chri---I mean "Edward Monkton" make any money? Instead, enjoy some of the inspiration behind the story.

After all, unauthorized biographies about me and shoes are my favorite!

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heidi said...

this is your best post yet. i love the shoes. i actually took a picture of my shoes last night because wearing them was an integral part of my valentine's date! you are truly a kindred spirit.

Gel said...

I think u rubbed off on my girls! I'm afraid I will have to send them to you when they want shoes. I haven't seen any of those shoes, you have been shopping since we left!! Wish I was there to go shopping with you cause I need new shoes!! Miss you

Wendy King said...

LOVE this post, love the shoes, love you!! What a fantastic book. Can I please request a full tour of your closet when we come for our "Cafe Rio" dinner? Which by the way... I'm SO excited for... you are an answer to prayers, my dear!)

Harley said...

I have the same book. My book has an alternate ending.

It goes something like this (it's right before she buys the shoes).

So the lady realized she had a problem with shoes and went it to see her Bishop.

"My, oh, my," said the Bishop, "I think you have a problem with shoes."

The lady replied she did and that true happiness was in paying tithing.

So the lady didn't buy the shoes and paid her tithing and this made the Bishop very happy.

And the lady was very happy too.

Oh, and the lady's husband was very happy too.

Jenn said...

That was very cute! And I really like that 2nd pair of shoes!

Just dropping by from Marcie's.

Jennifer said...

it appears that this edward monkton is making quite a living off of these unauthorized biographies. I just discovered that he has published my life story also, entitled "the lady and the chocolate." we should be getting some royalties for these stories.

Rachel said...


Andrea said...

This post is so cute. And your shoes are gorgeous!!