Monday, October 01, 2007

a new career path

After watching the much anticipated season premiere of The Office, a few FACTS crystallized in my mind:

a. This season will not disappoint - and YES! it's gratifying to finally see PB & J (Pam Beasley and Jim, thanks Kevin) together.
b. My new favorite line: "Actually, he's in the freezer...due to the odor."
c. Gratuitous male nudity (ala Michael Scott) -- when appropriately blurred -- is HILARIOUS!
d. I should change my career to party planning. Wait, maybe just OFFICE party planning. Who wants to hire me?
And now, for supportive evidence of item "d", I present a photo essay.
Like the tablecloth? It's bubblewrap! How's that for a novel idea? This ingenuity can only be attributed to hours at work thinking about The Office (not my place of employment) and long spans of time wandering the Container Store.

My centerpiece paid homage to office supplies. I call it a supply montage/collage/extravaganza.

Ginormous binder clips make awesome place card holders. And yes, that is the actual Dunder Mifflin logo.

The menu included deductible fare inspired by Chili's, like smoky baby back ribs (you betcha I was singing the song when I picked them), spicy southwestern smashed potatoes (with sharp cheddar, sweet corn and sonoma salsa), mixed green salad with a tangy poppyseed vinaigrette, orange apricot Jell-O (without the stapler) and molten lava cakes. Why Chili's?
"Chili's is the new golf course. It's where business happens -- Small Business Magazine," said Michael Scott. "It is?" questioned lover/boss Jan Levinson. "It will. I sent it in. Letters to the Editor," said Michael.

Aerial shot of the table. Thanks, Em!**

We played a real-life version of Name That Quote.
And Confidential files (ala Dwight's Secret Service missions) were used to record answers.
We also guessed the number of candies in Pam's dish.

Nifty Gifties included coupons for local merchants, office supplies, magnets and a memo from Future Dwight.

Em and Phil were victors in both games. Emily won a divine stapler set and after Phil digests, he can start working on the jelly beans.

Fun times, no?

**Thanks to Em for snapping the cool pictures. Did you know she's gone pro? Hurry -- check out her site. This lady rocks!!!!!

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Conservative Futurist said...

Becky, your parties are a total immersion experience. That looks so well done. We're sorry we missed this one.

Rachel said...

Becky--I am in awe! You have outdone yourself! I MUST MOVE TO D.C. SO I CAN COME TO YOUR PARTIES!! Love you!!

Rachel said...

You ARE a Genuis! The Bubble Wrap as the tablecloth was great! Too bad I missed out on the nifty gifties, it reminds me of your Elf party! You should be a party planner full time, and author on the side!

Merianne said...

You really go above and beyond. I'm so bummed we had to miss out on all the festivities. Let's do it again, but next time we can watch it at our house and I'll make the dinner. You can just relax!

becky said...

Conservative Futurist -- Congratulations!!! Your sucking up has earned you an invite at my next party.

REM -- If all I have to do is throw an office party for you to move here, CONSIDER IT DONE!!!! xoxo

Rachel -- You really are the best. I wish you were here to celebrate with me, and swap recipes and watch Felicity. Awww...those were the days. xoxoxo

Merianne - I'm sad you missed, but there will be many parties in the future. YAY!

Andrea said...

I love these pictures! These are the best ideas ever! I love the table clothe and the giant paper clips, and all the other office supplies. I don't know how you thought all of this up.

Harley said...

Oh my goodness what an incredible idea.

Love the plates...

Loves the decor...

Love everything.

Beach Bum Marcie said...

I am DYING reading this....this COULD NOT BE MORE CUTE AND FUN. Loving it!! I am CRACKING up as I can SEE this if only the Producers will PLEASE pony up some cash so we can get BACK to our favorite shows...

Claudia said...

This is so funny! I am actually in an Event Planning class and I am planning an OFFICE party for my final project! I love it!