Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let there be screaming and fainting (aka How to Throw a Twilight DVD premier party)

First, a disclaimer:

I won't apologize for my addiction to a
certain teenage Vampire series. While I'm not typically lured in by adolescent novels, this guilty indulgence has been a welcome obsession. It's a good story (even if the writing is not oustanding) and the books are sexy (but not obscene), sensual, intimate and captivating. (You should try it!)

And the movie -- OH THE MOVIE. It's definitely not Oscar-worthy, but it captures the essence of the relationship at the heart of the series. (Can I get an AMEN?)

Which brings me to my point:
Rob (the actor who plays the main character) is seriously hot. And the more you see the movie (I would know), the hotter he gets.

And I'll stop there.

Since I love Rob and I know a few ladies who agree, I hosted a

Rob in HD/Twilight DVD Premier Party

It's not too late for you to follow suit. Here's how:

Step 1. Evite!
You know I love an evite (isn't it fun to check back and read all of the fun comments/excuses of invitees?). And the only thing I love more than an evite is an evite smeared with ROB! You gotta get your guests pumped!

Step 2.
Build the Excitement

My party featured a special guest. And that's all I revealed until the day of the party, when my friends were greeted by...
...a life-size cardboard cutout of Edward! (Chris Rob-ified him by creatively positioning our mullet wig to capture that unkempt, rugged mop Rob usually sports. P.S. Chris is a genius).

Step 3. Pick a theme and serve yummy food
Use the movie/book to draw inspiration for your decorations and menu. I chose to celebrate the Italian feast Edward's family whips up for Bella when they meet her and since this was a girl's night, I served lots of pretty hors d'oeuvres, aka:
The food was served on clean white platters which I splattered with blood (because, HELLO, the movie is about vampires).

My menu included:
- blood orange soda
- sun-dried tomato bruschetta
- caprese salad (on a stick)
- stuffed mushrooms
- arancini di riso (aka fried risotto balls)
- prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
- bite-sized (blood) red velvet cupcakes
(Maybe everyone wanted to eat the bruschetta because it was delicious [it was!]
and maybe because of the sexy label I gave it).
(See the blood drips?)

Step 4. Make it pretty
It's easy to make your table look appetizing when you label the food with Rob's gorgeous pictures! That's really all it took! (Oh and I filled my heart-shaped bowls with hot tamales, to honor Rob's hotness!) The details make all the difference.

Step 5. Focus on Rob; keep the favors simple
I sent guests home with a couple of heart-smattered love notes (since they would be feeling so amorous after watching the movie). Simple!

I also displayed all of my Rob-related reading material. I promise I'm not that obsessed -- most of these magazines were gifts. Okay, one was a gift.

Step 6. Turn on the Flick and Commence Giggles/Swooning/Sighs/Awwwwws
Watching the DVD with a room full of girls was definitely a treat! Don't forget to check out the special features (especially that deleted kissing scene).

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Rachel said...

FINALLY! Sorry I missed it. I am lame! xoxoxo

Youngblood4ever said...

Why wasn't I evited? LOVED everything you did. Wish I had read this BEFORE and could have had a fabulous dvd premiere. I doubt I could have pulled of it as good as you did! Quite creative!

aniC said...

you are a party queen.
seriously, you need to start a business or something. i'd go into business with you. i'll let you do all the creative work though.

Holly said...

everything looked divine!!!! superb as always! i want a repeat of all the new recipes you tried!!!! you didn't tell me about the hot tamales, nice touch. also loved the blood drips! well done!!!!

Erica said...

Why aren't we best friends so that I could come to this party? WHY.

Kara said...

Loved the Vampire Bites. Loved the Rob MAN-nequin. Did not notice the blood drips on the plates (and kind of glad). AND LOVED THE MOVIE. We are at 9 times. Commentary with you will make 10- FINALLY!

Rachel said...

You are a Genius!!!

DC Diva said...

I can still taste that bruschetta. It was amazing. As was everything else. (Even the water drenched hot tamales.)

I may not exactly share your obsession, but I LOVE your obsession... mostly because it produced another fabulous Wickstrom PAR-TAY.

heidi said...

why don't you move in with me? we could do stuff like this all the time. this is my brand of heroin.

Gel said...

I love when you throw parties. You go all out and its great!!! The food looked delicious, like always.

jen said...

you're the hostess with the mostess. i still don't quite get the twilight obsession (having neither read the books nor watched the movie), but i would still have wanted to attend this party if only for the food! Yum!!

Ashley McNair said...

This was the most fun party ever! And, the food . . . amazing!

Kelly said...

In case anyone needs to source some red and white, Ruffled Parrot Tulips (as pictured on the New Moon book)for a table centerpiece here's a link: http://www.pyob.com/parrotulips-whitered-silk.htm

Ming said...

Oh how I LOVE this party and wish wish wish I could've been there. I would've appreciated it SO much more than Wendy ;) Actually she is SO great at recognizing party details...love her for it. I was more referring to the fact that she hasn't read the books. Anyway, I heard all about this party from Wendy and seeing it is even better. Love all the details from the blood, to the magazines of Rob, to the food, to the love notes. FABULOUS!!!

I am LoW said...


(and I get the obsession. oh boy do i!!)