Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Saturday Night Date,

I wanted to say thanks a bunch! It's been a while since we've seen each other and you are just as awesome as I remembered.

Actually, I'm going to be honest with you. I've been enjoying an e-mail thread from friends detailing their worst (most horrific) dating experiences. And there have been some wild stories (sorry to say you're reputation has been pretty much slayed in these exchanges).

The truth is, you really stink sometimes. Especially when you're blind. Those are THE WORST nights. Or when you're all about pity (from either party). Very few meals are worth enduring that inhumane level of awkwardness.

But when you involve a super hot husband (let me be more specific: my devilishly handsome husband) and not the grocery store, you're divine! When you include a visit to a cupcake shop and not Costco, you are ambrosia.

Speaking of cupcakes, Gerogetown Cupcakes were so so so good! And totally worth the 20-minute, rainy wait.
And this place was delicious, as usual. Maybe Ray's could become your official sponsor?
And even though we were among hundreds of 11-year-olds (one of whom was incessantly kicking the back of my seat), Monsters V. Aliens in 3D was really a treat. I loved BOB!
So thanks, Saturday Date. I can't wait until we spend time together again soon (do you mind if we forgo variety and opt for a carbon copy of this night from now on?).


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Holly said...

When I come to visit again, will you take me on the saturday date? We can even forgo the movie. :)

Rachel said...

YAY! thanks for the dish email shout out. I love it.



DC Diva said...

Ditto to Rachel's "when"...

and I add my "when":

WHEN am I going to Georgetown Cupcakes? WHERE have I been???

Gel said...

Good for you for getting out! Those cupcakes look so good... I saw them on Martha Stewart show. I wish we lived there so I could have one. I will call you this week.

Harley King said...

Dear Becky,

I like your cupcakes.


Saturday Night Date

Jessica F. said...

I love that you go out! You two are too fun!!!

Kara said...

I'm kind of amazed at those photos. Did you take them yourself?

Also, may I "third" Rachel and Wendy's WHEN?

And...when will I be graced with 90 minutes of our favorite British accent on the commentary?

Alisha Haight said...

That red velvet cupcake is amaaazing!! You are so funny:)

becky said...

Let's all go on a Saturday Night your e-mail for the evite! ;)

And Kara, the first picture = mine. The second belongs to a friend on flickr (friend = person who also loves Ray's) and the third is from Dreamworks.

(Oh and we're totally watching the commentary soon! Oh girl!)

P.S. Rachel's much seconded-"when" is about to be fulfilled...