Thursday, March 26, 2009

Absolutely not acceptable!

The stylists on American Idol should be shot! There, I said it.

Last night a contestant wore a jacket trimmed in tube socks. TUBE SOCKS! And pretty much everyone looks like they're shopping the clearance racks at Wal-Mart (no offense, Wal-Mart).

My biggest beef is with the ever-crazy Paula. I mean, we know she's nuts, but last night she merged the upper part of a (ugly) homecoming dress with a tutu to create this ensemble:
(Editor's note: I spent last night in an endless battle with my TiVo [play-pause-rewind-pause-slow forward-slow backward-play-rewind-fast forward-slow back-pause] to capture these pictures for you. Because if you ignore crimes against fashion, you become a silent supporter. AND I WILL NOT SUPPORT!)

Unbelievably, the close-up of Paula's outfit was worse:

Dear Ms. Abdul -- IT'S TOO MUCH! Waaaaaaaaaay too much. Keep it simple. The sharpie mustache (drawn by Mr. Cowell) would have been more than enough accessory to complete your "look."

Also, Randy, why were you sporting a beach towel and some home-grown beaded jewelry you whipped up in your trailer before the show?

On a brighter note (and really there was only one), have you ever seen eyes this green? Way to work what your momma gave you, Mr. Robinson.

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Kara said...

Oh my gosh- I'm dying. And the homegrown beaded necklace...I know, right? Although I have to say, I LOVED Adam's ensemble last night. So Elvis chic. Glad we're on the same page re: AI stylist's employment/life.

DC Diva said...

Wait... wait... wait!!!! WHY are we canceling tonight? I LOVE watching Idol next to your critical eye. I'm laughing so hard right now my sides hurt!

Yeah, Paula was waaaaay too accessorized. But what's blowing my mind even more... where are her legs in that first picture? That is crazy!

And Randy -- oh, beach towel -- that's exactly what that was! C'mon dawg!

And Mr. Robinson better be workin' the eyes... that's about the only real thing left on his face his mamma DID give him. And even then... how do we know they're not contacts?

But I'll say this - I'm starting to LIKE Kara. She has really intelligent things to say and I was actually enjoying her last night! Who knew? She's totally growing on me.

Can we skype or something tonight while we both watch in our separate homes? Please?

Harley King said...

But I love beach towels and tube socks...

Holly said...

LOL. I have missed Idol almost every night and watch the performances online, I however miss all the comments and styles. Not this time. Thanks for the style run down. :)

Seige said...

You are TOOOOOOO funny!

becky said...

Okay, I need to get on the Skype bandwagon (I mean, if Oprah does it...).

I'm glad I'm not the only one with AI issues! Chris' head almost exploded from hearing all of my "OMG -- LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT" and "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!" Surprisingly, he can believe it.

Let's promise to watch tonight and we'll have a fun little bloggy recap tomorrow wherein we slay the fashion and discuss, wait, what is this show about again?!

I wish I was watching SYTYCD instead. Soooooo much better.

Also, Adam was looking pretty chic and I like Kara too. And I liked her dress and (rocker) hair! Maybe I have a thing for navy silk...

heidi said...

thank you for sacrificing your even fighting with tivo. you made my whole day.

Youngblood4ever said...

Fabulous art that you added to Paula. I'm still wondering why she is still on the show. Oh, and seriously, her outfit for just about every show is hideous!