Monday, March 20, 2006

Travel Log -- DAY 2

Nothing but sweet, sweet Illinois on the horizon

We spent most of the next morning trying to cheer ourselves up—and itching with disgust from our previous night’s stay. We blazed through the mid-West and I developed a stiff back because my seat wouldn’t recline when I tried to sleep. Chris and I also became thoroughly annoyed with the outrageousness and general unbelievability of our audiobook (not that we expected a Pulitzer Prize effort, but for Heaven’s sake, don’t offend our logical sensibilities!).

Because of the truck, we were limited in our ability to eat anything more than fast food at convenient-to-the-highway truck stops. One of the low points in our dining experiences happened somewhere in Missouri. I thought it would be a great idea to eat pizza at a truck stop Sbarro. Problem: the pizza tasted like it was fried in the oil they use for Chinese food. It took two bites before I was overwhelmed with utter disgust. To this day I cannot even consider eating Sbarro pizza, not to mention visiting/eating at truck stops (the New Jersey Turnpike is painful for me).

The highlight of Day 2 was listening to this
cd as we sped through Illinois. It was truly inspiring. And the Jesus statue. That was cool too. I’m just sad we missed this.

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