Thursday, August 17, 2006

And now for some photos (in no particular order)

Skating sensations.

More skating fun - thankfully for Shauna, Camden finally started to like it. love. They're getting married in October.

Grandma and Tyler strike a pose. Check out those blue eyes - I'm jealous!!!

Mark: where tennis meets the river dance. Once a performer, always a performer.

Jen finally got one by dad. Oh, wait. Somehow they managed to play 22 games and
still come out tied. Is that even possible?

Doug, Juli and Grandma watch the skating from the sidelines.

No broken arms or legs! And look - everyone's smiling!

Apparently we bored grandpa a little bit. Can you actually sleep like that??!

Grandpa crafting his deluctible homemade icecream with hungry on-lookers.
Notice the sweet shirts we were sporting...yah, we're cool!!

If you can't beat 'em on the court, at least intimidate them with your pre-game, mind-melting, lava-eyes stare. Nah. That doesn't work either.

Derrrick at the waterfall.

Eric at the waterfall...notice a difference? Who's the adult?

You decide whether he's preparing to return a volley or preparing for something else...

Nope, not jail. Watching tennis from the sidelines. By the looks of things, I'd say they've sat through 20 out of 22 games at the time of the photo!

Audrey's fancy frenchbraid (yep, I still got my mad braiding skills! Some things just stick with you.)

Posing with the kids. Hopefully they were resting, not learning the lean-over-the-log technique from Eric. That technique hasn't worked so well for me.

Grandma the checkers whiz!

Andrew the baby whiz!

Delicious dinner! Yummy, yummy food!

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