Thursday, November 30, 2006

Like a party everyday

For the past few weeks we've enjoyed the company of the Hamiltons in our "north visitor's wing" (aka guess room). Even though work and school continued as usual, we partied like Rock Stars every night. Chris and John played "quick" games of Risk (hey Chris, the cheese store called, they want their smile back). And Trevan ate pancakes and watched "Memo" and "Shek" and "Monster."
(Sidenote, here's one of my favorite stories from a 1970s book I brought home from my Grandma's house - a nice accompaniment to Trevan's pancake eating. My other favorite story in the book: "The Three Sillies," where a mother and daughter narrowly escape a beating [yes, you read that last word right] from the father because he finds three people sillier [stupider] than them).

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Your loving sister. said...

HELP! I need help with my Risk playing ability. I played for the first time in about 12 years (at least) recently and got my bootie kicked. Any strategic tips would be greatly appreciated (especially if they are specific to the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars Risk).