Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More decorating nonsense

I've been notified by the other party in the Wickstrom household that the pictures I post are boring; I think he even yawned mid-accusation. I assured him the masses want pictures -- lots of pictures! And how can I dissapoint my loyal readership?

So, from now on, I'm posting incriminating/embarrassing/amusing photos of the evil blog picture disliker (even more than usual). Doesn't that sound exciting? Everyone will be happy - more pictures for you, more laughs for me and less "boring" pictures for Mr. Smartypants.

For now, enjoy my Second Annual Christmas decorating/Hotel Wickstrom tour photo safari. I will say, for the record, my decorating was more rushed and less complete than usual, but it still feels like the holidays and that's all that matters, right?

Welcome! This wreath held up much better than last year's crispy pine version.
Our journey begins in the "guest wing," which featured our more rustic Christmas decor this year.Adjacent to the bedroom we have the guest bathroom. Minor accents, but festive nonetheless.
Moving down the hall we pass a cute wreath and the advent calendar (by the way, I haven't hung anything on it because Chris anxiously pulls the ornaments from the pockets at midnight).
A sneak peak in the kitchen reveals only a few decorations (love the Christmas tree cookie jar - thanks mom!)
Even though I would dispute whether or not this room actually qualifies as a dining room (bah humbug), it still received a smattering of decorations. The floodlights over the bar are the perfect spotlight for our manger scene.
Moving to the living room, Chris hung my floating shelf just so I could have a mantle for the stocking hooks! And since I haven't hung all of my pictures yet, I used the framed picture of Chris the Elf hugging me for the centerpiece. Oh how I love that picture!
Spoiler alert: Mom, if you're looking at/reading this, oops. Well anyway, here's the pillow I made you for Christmas. I saw it in a store and decided I could make it myself. Don't worry - I sent plenty of wrapped presents so seeing this doesn't ruin all the surprises.
I actually spent a lot of time wrapping presents (don't worry, most of these are for family and friends).
And -- ta da -- the tree! Taylee helped me decorate and I think she did a great job. Notice the strands of Cheerios? Those are from our first Christmas when we didn't have any ornaments. If our tree gets much bigger, I'll be stringing more strands just for memory's sake.

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