Tuesday, July 03, 2007

bahamas report, chapter 1

I tried to wait. I wanted to organize our pictures and post a sensational report about the trip. But then I remembered this is my blog and I make the rules (um, yah, I had to realize that...I'm not crazy, I swear!)

So since I'm boss, I'm starting right now with my post-Bahamas update. And I'm starting with pictures of...US! Yep. Mr. and Mrs. Wickstrom. On the beach. In paradise. (sigh)

Don't worry. In the next few days you'll also see pictures of:

- food (what vacation report would be complete documentation of what we ate)
- our awesome beach huts/villas
- the beach
- Emily, the gorgeous bride (don't worry Phil - you'll share the limelight too)
- activities (snorkeling, visiting the Atlantis--aka Beach Vegas, karokee, etc.)
- outtakes
Are you excited yet? You should be! So now I present....drum roll...us pics.
Well-rested after a day of sunning ourselves on the beach.

On a sail boat, cruising to the reef to snorkel with exotic fish.
We even saw the island used in the intro for Gilligan's Island.

We looked pretty cute at the rehersal dinner, if I do say so myself. What am I doing in the picture above? Regaling the crowd with the "how the Wickstroms met" story.
Does the scenario look familiar?

Dinner at one of the many impressive restaurants on the island.
Chris is sporting
Phil's new blinged-out watch! He wiped the drool off his face right before this picture was taken.

And of course dancing, eating and partying at the wedding.
Like our
Debbie Downer faces?


Mason and Erika said...

It looks like you had way too much fun. Seriously. Not allowed. And that tan! J.E.A.L.O.U.S. over here!

Rachel said...

What does Chris' shirt say? "Follow me to explain through Interpretive Dance..."?!?! I am intrigued! And so jealous! Looks like an amazing time! You are cute!

becky said...

LOL - Chris' shirt says "Allow me to explain through interpretive dance" and has pictures of seven dancing men. Perfect Father's Day gift, no?

(Chris is not yet a father, but Father's Day=holiday=reason to buy cool t-shirt).

You can buy your own here: