Thursday, July 12, 2007

life at 26

Even though I'm one year older at the end of the day, my 26th birthday will go down as one of the best. It's hard to top Chris' 6 a.m. birthday surprises!

The night ended with a heaping helping of Fogo de Chao (we must set a date to eat here together!). And Cake Love. In my book yummy food + good friends = great day!

Birthday girl self-portraits on the way to dinner.

It doesn't hurt to have HOT arm candy for a birthday date. In fact, it doesn't hurt to have HOT arm candy every day. To think it's been almost FIVE YEARS!
(more on that later...)

Gorging ourselves! Grace, Steve, Phil and Em were perfect co-celebrators!

Note to self: changing poses last minute can cause awkward pictures.
But check out the cake!

We all sat in awe and amazement watching the Fogo waiter cut the cake. GENIUS! He made a circle in the center and then cut slices. I'm totally ripping off this idea!

I was once again struck by the fact that I LIVE IN D.C. The restaurant was right by the Capitol. And I see views like this everyday. Jealous? Then come visit!


shaniqua said...

i would say i hope you had a happy birthday, but clearly you did. luuuuucccky.
my husband better be planning some fun adventures for me. it is less than a month away after all!

Emily said...

Yay! Becky's birthday was so much fuuuun! :)

Mason and Erika said...

yes, i shall obey your order. i shall visit. and we shall dine together at a place of your choosing (we were only in DC for 4 months... and on tight budgets, so i KNOW we missed stuff)