Tuesday, July 24, 2007

urban camping

Yes, you read the title correctly. We spent the weekend URBAN camping. Which is almost as cool as being an urban cowboy. Imagine if we were urban camping cowboys.

Before I spiral into a never-ending digression vortex, allow me to explain. It wasn't supposed to be this way. We planned a lovely getaway in the lovely Maryland woods mimicking this loveliness (and this and this). But traffic + boys planning + living in the city + leaving after work on a Friday night = a change of plans.

So we improvised.

The view from our campsite was incredible, though. And the sunset? To die for!
I was frightened we might be attacked by one of the urban forest's native species, but Phil reassured me.
It probably helped that I was wearing my favorite urban camping footwear. After all, a girl doesn't want chilled toes.
After setting up our gear, we realized we were starving. Luckily we packed the essentials.
Phil unholstered his urban camping tools and we began cooking the feast. Fenway kept a watch for dangerous urban forest monsters and demons. He also visually inspected the food to ensure it was safe for consumption.
Bellies full, we pulled on warm sweatshirts and curled up for a refreshing night's rest under the urban forest stars.
I'm pretty sure we'll be urban camping a few more times this summer.


Walking through Destinys Garden said...

My parents have a wheaten and I must say, keeping a watch out for "dangerous urban forest monsters and demons"
is truly the duty of any good wheaten.

I hope you enabled he to further inspect the food. It might look good, but how is he to know for sure until he has tasted it.

Mason and Erika said...

love the drill idea for getting the perfect roasted/toasted marshmallow... I'll have to try that one!

Sometimes boys planning = nicer accomodations!

Rachel said...

Hmm, it reminds me when we went on a camping trip with the Wickstroms, and I think that Chris was in charge of packing, and he forgot the tent? And, good man that he was, brought breakfast for us all...bagels and sour cream? (cream cheese, sour cream, I can totally understand that)
It was a great trip though, and remember how everyone mocked me b/c I heated up those big rocks in the fire, but they were wishing they were sleeping with me when I was all warm and toasty.
We miss you!