Monday, July 30, 2007

whew - let me catch my breath!

Fine, I'll admit it -- I'm quick to declare TV shows, places, things, smells, jewelry, pizza, bedding, etc. the BEST. THING. EVER. I also like exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, bolding, CAPS for EMPHASIS and smiley faces :).

But when I say my Saturday night was spent enjoying the BEST. THING. EVER., I'm not exaggerating. Honestly. I cannot even wrap words around it's awesomeness. And me + no words = unheard of.

Have you braced yourself for me to finally reveal the event that nearly caused my heart to STOP IN ITS TRACKS? (Sorry, my ability for succinct writing is trumped by my blubbering excitement.) We saw the WHITE STRIPES. LIVE. In the flesh. We shared breathing space with Jack White - I know, right?! And it was AWESOME!

We amped up for the show by selecting perfect rock and roll outfits -- cool and hip, but not trying too hard and with just a nod to red (Jack White and I have such great taste).
I wish you could see more of my red patent leather flats and less of my messy room, but you get the point.
Chris was pretty rocker too (although Mia Michaels would say he's pulling his face too much, which is distracting from the performance):
Do I look happy or what? My favorite part of this picture is the light reflecting off Chris' stubble. Now that's hardcore rock and roll.
Did you know the entire stage was red? Of course you knew. But I mean even the organ, keyboards and amps. And there was a disco ball. A DISCO BALL. Check out the reflection:
My face hurts from smiling so much. It was honestly the best show I've ever attended. Now I "get" all those Phish fans who followed the band across the country while they toured. Wait, I meant to say I "get" their desire to follow the band (and their dresses made from vintage men's ties. I "get" those too. Consequently, I'd also like to get one).

I even took raw show footage with my camera phone. Hardcore, right? It's crappy (and in no way representative of the show), but check it:

I wanted to write a flowery discourse about why I'm madly in love with the White Stripes, particularly the genius who is Jack White. But seriously, I cannot formulate the words. Do I sound starstruck? YES! But believe me, you would be too if you were there.

Instead, I'll leave you with one of my favorite White Stripes songs. Just try not to love it -- I dare you!

Okay, one favorite video:

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Jennifer said...

I totally hear you with the vintage mens ties used for dresses. Back in high school I was so close to starting a tie collection so as to eventually make a skirt. but even with the cheapness of ties at salvo, getting enough ties to make a skirt would have been rather pricey (for my bargain tastes).

Rachel said...

Do I dare admit that I have no idea who those people are? I am glad you guys had a great time, and you totally looked like rock stars!!!