Tuesday, August 07, 2007

oh do I have stories!

I was looking through old posts and thought, "My, it's been a while since I've discoursed my happy commuting memories." (No, my actual thought did not include any of those words, nonetheless you get the point). Rest assured I have plenty of material, especially with heat like this. Trust me -- after today I am keenly aware of the more unfortunate afterlife possibilities (I'm keeping the swearing sequestered in my head).

Nevertheless (Attention! Today is "Use multiple words to make one word" Day), I know you were wondering about our weekend in North Carolina (What? You didn't know we were away this weekend? Shame on you. Call us!) And because I like to give you what you want, I present a photo essay of sorts.

Let's see. I think we'll begin with the single item that brought us (me and Holly) unmeasurable joy and satisfaction throughout the entire weekend:

Let's say you were at my house and I had a box of the beans pictured above. How much would I have to pay you to eat--oh let's see--a vomit-flavored bean? How about dirt? Soap? Okay, fine, pickle? Chris and John ate them FOR FREE. I can (unfortunately) officially vouch that the flavors are exactly as described.

Check out their faces after the many bean daring sessions (cupcake chasers were essential). We nearly had some non-bean-form vomit on our hands.
Isn't my adopted nephew darling? He makes wacky faces just like his Uncle Chris. Maybe that's because Chris and John share a brain. Literally.Okay, these lovely gems are dedicated to Holly, who claims I never post bad pictures of myself. While I refuse to provide evidence to the contrary (frankly, the evidence speaks for itself), I will indulge her with some frightful pictures of yours truly.And finally, I leave you with a relic from the past, and a photo where Holly looks totally hot (Do you forgive me now?) and I look much thinner. Sigh. Those were the days. (P.S. How much do you love the wall colors in Holly's house pictured above?)
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c jane said...

Gooooooo Ridgeview!

I bought some of those Harry Potter jelly beans for my friend who, instead of eating one, decided to save them for a white elephant gift at Christmas.

From this post, I see that my camera and I missed out on a lot of fun.

Rachel said...

Never, ever, ever eat the sardine bean!! My friend and I ate them all during finals once, and vomit, etc were all right--but sardine!! The taste was in our mouths for HOURS AND HOURS and we had to gorge ourselves and different fruity candy to help.