Tuesday, September 25, 2007

then there were three

Hold on a sec. Did you know I've been blogging for five consecutive days?! HOLY MOLY! Take that Grandpa (I kid, I kid -- though he's of the opinion I have "too much time on my hands").

While I dry my tears and attempt to lift myself from the pit of despair and self-loathing,

"I don't back down. My sister and I used to be bestfriends, and we haven't talked in 16 years, over some disagreement I don't even remember. So, yeah, I'm pretty good."
Wow, that's hardcore if I do say so myself. Ferocious! And yet strangely feline...

Friday is fast-approaching!

Then what? Will I continue daily blogging? Will I ever return to my Melodious Metro Maladies?

Stay tuned...

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Merianne said...

The title of this post made my heart skip a beat...I thought a new Wickstrom was going to be joining your family! :)

becky said...


From your comment i have deduced that
a. I need to be more careful about my blog entry titles
b. you do not know who said this office quote
c. The last official Wickstrom census revealed only 2, NOT 3 (not even 2.5).


Andrea said...

Becky you are so funny, I love your blog. Where did you learn your hilarious writing skills?

Emily said...

I know! I know! It's Angela!

becky said...

You are so smart. You earn 10,000 honorary schrute bucks AND a big fat hug when I see you in two days.


becky said...


Everything I know I learned from NPR. Actually I'm just saying that because in addition to explicitly stating that I have too much free time, my grandpa also frequently and with force declares that I should NOT listen to NPR. I should listen to Fox News because it's "fair and balanced."

Interesting indeed.