Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Becky's Picks: White Stripes/Beck Collaboration

I can't think of a more wonderful/awesome/exciting/meant-to-be/perfect/GENIUS musical collision than Beck and the White Stripes. They teamed up to produce B sides for the Stripes' "Conquest."

According to Pitchfork,
"The Stripes recently recorded a mess of B-sides with Mr. Beck Hansen in his living room, which they'll splay over a trio of 7" "Conquest" discs and an all-encompassing U.S.-only digital download. In addition to co-producing the sessions, Beck contributed vocals and piano to "It's My Fault for Being Famous" and played a little slide guitar on "Honey, We Can't Afford to Look Cheap". One black, one red, and one white 7" will be issued, each with "Conquest" on the front and a different B-side on the back, due in the U.S. December 18 from Third Man/Warner Bros."
My rating: 5/5 stars

What are you waiting for?! GO download the masterpiece from iTunes. You can thank me later.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished Eat Pray Love. Loved it. I found the middle section a bit slow, for me anyways , but wow, what a book.
I went on to read The doctor's Wife- a bit unsettling, but interesting.