Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Extravaganza 2007

The Mail
Few things in life evoke the blissful child-like joy of mail. And we're not talking adult mail like bills, coupons and catalogs (adult mail does NOT = girly mags or, ahem,
enhancement paraphernalia you sicko). I mean MAIL mail, either sent to you from your favorite store (thank you, self) or your favorite friends.

Yesterday was an amazing
MAIL mail day at Casa Wickstrom. What did Mail Santa bring?

- A package from Bloomingdales with a present for Becky
- A package from Lord and Taylor with
a present for Chris
- A package from Oregon BFFs of
homemade, hand-dipped chocolates (There is not a word for the deliciousness of these chocolates so I'll take a page from Will Ferrell as James Lipton and pronounce them "Scrumptulescent!" Gel's mother-in-law creates these legendary chocolates every Christmas and in honor of her hard work, I ate them instead of dinner last night.)
- A package from Utah BFFs of
old-fashioned chocolate caramels and pecan caramels (P.S. Dear Joel and Rachel, Although we stand by our fudge 100%, we believe these caramels are on the same level of deliciousness. You shouldn't have, but we're sooooo glad you did! xoxo, B&C)
- 10 Christmas cards and letters
I haven't been this giddy since Gwen arrived on my doorstep. Thanks Santa, and all your little helper Mail Elves! We love you!

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