Monday, December 03, 2007


Besides that fact that we didn't actually accomplish ANYTHING on our to-do list, our weekend was pretty awesome. I will say, though, after five+ years of marriage, my tools of persuasion are not only less effective, but are being used against me (read: Chris opened his birthday present -- Guitar Hero -- for a test drive because I may have possibly maybe happened to "accidentally" open a Nordstrom box addressed to him!)

Six rock-filled hours later, we met up with friends for a long-overdue hangout. This cool guy and his amazing wife were the best dinner companions ever! The three-hour dinner at P.F. Changs felt like five minutes. Let's do it again soon, okay?

And because I know you're enraptured with my clothing journal, this is what I wore:

- Teal velvet jacket with hood, back yoke and bronze buttons
- Black micromodal tee
- Dark wash jeans (my favorite 7s ever)
- Bronze snake-embossed leather kitten heels
- Bronze beaded necklace (it was too long so I tied it into a lariat)

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Wendy King said...

We had SUCH a great time with you guys! It really did fly by, and I love that we felt like we could sit there forever. Our less-than-attentive waitress didn't ever make us feel like we needed to leave... did you notice that? Becky, as always, you looked fabulous and I love that you snapped a photo of the outfit... and on the beautiful anthro bedding too! Love it!! Yea for Nordstrom, yea for overdue reunions and yea for shrimp candied walnuts!