Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Favorites: Emergency Reassurance

I make the same call at least once a week. The process goes like this:

Me (to myself): MY LIFE! It's SO hard right now. All this stuff -- it's making me crazy!
Myself (to me): You're already crazy.
Me (to myself): I KNOOOOW! See? Life. Hard. Me. Crazy.
Myself (to me): Pull yourself together! Seriously. This is pathetic.
Me (to myself): I can't live another moment.
Myself (to me): Give me the phone.

Me (to my mom):
MOM! I can't live another moment.

Mom: Hi favorite (editor's note: only) daughter!
Me: How can you be so cheery at a time like this?!
Mom: Oh sweetheart. What's going on?
Me: My hair....I HATE IT! I have a modified mullet. I belong at a demolition derby wearing a tube top and acid wash jeans.
Mom: Oh I'm sure it's wonderful!
Me: No, it's not. I can never leave the house again!
Mom: Darling, why don't you pull the front back; you always did look cute with "rocker" hair.
Me: I did?
Mom: Absolutely.
Me: I guess I could do that.
Mom: Pull your hair back and put on your favorite shoes. I love you.
Works every time. Like the time I lamented about my perpetual cooking sabbatical?
Mom: Why don't you make creamed tuna with peas on homemade buttermilk biscuits?

Or the time I volunteered to teach the teenagers at church how to make photo boards, only to realize after 24 stressful hours of searching they would be impossible?

Mom: What about those cute magnets on your fridge? I love the ones you made for me. Everyone compliments them. Make those and hang them on steel boards.

Being talked down from a ledge by mom's emergency reassurance is my favorite!

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Gel said...

Those magnets are so cute! I love them... Aren't moms great. I love your mom.. like mother like daughter. Both are wonderful. Hope you survive this weekend. Also where did you get those metal boards. I really need one!
Love ya

eileen said...

i LOVE your mom!
make sure to say hi to her for me sometime :)

Rachel said...

We have some fabulous Wickstrom magnets on our fridge and we love'em!
I love your blue comrade shirt by the way! And you always look good, I doubt you have a mullet but if you do I am sure you can pull it off!

Jessica F. said...

I love your blog and I LOVE you!!! I hope you feel better. The magnet boards were adorable! The girls were all talking about them at church.

mom said...

Your blog was so funny! Hope your retreat was good, along with your Sunday! Talk to you soon. Love, Mom