Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Favorites: Usurping Oprah’s throne

In college, my roommates chose to live with me because of my party-planning skills. I had no formal experience, just grand promises of elaborate soirées, karaoke-fests and WWF wrestle-offs EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.

It felt nice to be chosen.

(I was also unofficially named roommate wake-er up-er when someone passed out on the couch. I developed a fail-proof method involving clapping and a very loud, spirited rendition of the BYU fight song. Eventually, all I had to do was clap before my roommate groaned, raised her zombified self and trudged to bed. Take that conditioning, Pavlov!)

What started as Kool-aid and boxed brownie get-togethers, turned into tombstone cakes, frozen hand-shaped ice floating in punch bowls and costumed movie viewings -- which is where it ended. But even my earliest events planted a seed that is still yearning to break out today and wrap my entire apartment in gold lame´ fabric, staple a red carpet to the floor and re-enact the Tony Awards.

Which brings me to the why – I’m pretty much addicted to drama. And the limelight. And costumes and makeup and hunky leading men and dance numbers and soundtracks and, and, and.

Combine my addiction to parties and my thespianic flare and you often find my 31-year-old husband prancing around in man tights. In front of people.

This is exactly what happened during a recent activity for the 12-18-year-old girls at church. My fellow leaders mentioned the words talk and show and my overly dramatic brain started doing cartwheels. They were nice enough to let me take the idea over the top, in classic Becky fashion, and the result was “Hero Chat,” hosted by yours truly.

The Book of Mormon Hero talk show was amazing -- awesome guests, fabulous "producers," spirited studio audience, even a spiritual take-away message. In case you're interested, you can download the script here. (Awesomeness endorsement here.)

Requisite outfit shot -- I was going for diva host.

Heroes hanging out in the green room.

Instead of tights, Chris sported a sheet-made toga, an Indian pashmina and a mullet wig.

Our studio audience sampled some time-period-"appropriate" Hero fare during the show.

We had every detail covered -- even producers to "warm up" the crowd, display "applause" signs and handle the music. These producers are some of my favorite people in the universe.

Oh look -- we even conned other people's husbands into dressing up!

Here's the idea mastermind. I love this girl, too!

The audience didn't boo me off stage, which I consider a major feat. These girls are incredible -- I'm so lucky I get to hang out with them twice a week!

And here's our Hero's response when I incorporated Neil Diamond music into my final monologue.

Overall, drama mixed with Neil Diamond music and trusting friends who allow me to express my craziness, plus men in costumes, amazing teenagers and usurping Oprah's hosting throne are my favorites!

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Wendy Weiler King said...

i want to be you. seriously. are we twins separated at birth? and is that script copyrighted? i'm so stealing it one day in my sure to come YW future.:)

Ashley McNair said...

Becky, this is so so so cute! I bet the YW had such a great time. You are so creative!

Holly said...

we are only coming to visit you guys if chris promises to wear that wig the whole time we are there! totally cute becky!

Jessica F. said...

Now that we are friends and I know you, how can I possible ever live without you???? We are going to follow you where ever you go!!

Rachel said...

Amazing. I want to be you.