Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Mother of Absense!

I’m crying right now.

Of all the busyness polluting my life lately, the ONE. THING. I’ve wanted to do is blog (and eat a case of feel-better chocolate and quit my job to pursue a full-time shopping career and refurnish my entire apartment with gilded antique busts and Lucite candleholders).

Clearly, I’ve done none of the above.

Thus, tears.

But today I say NO! to running makeup. Today I BANISH my tissues and SNIFF BACK the gunk dripping from my nose.


[cue wild applause and cheering]

So, hi! How have you been?

Did I tell you about the world’s WORST 10-day houseguest? Yah, well I’m not ready to talk about it yet. Ask me in a few weeks when the wound scabs over.

Also, I nearly smashed our evil Faux-vo (aka fake TiVo) after suffering through two insipid hours of American Idol only to hear Ryan “Pause-a-lot” Seacrest announce, “And the winner…of American Idol…2008………..David.”


FauxVo: “Would you like to save or delete this recording?”
Me: “WHICH DAVID?! Where’s the option for MURDERING Ryan Seacrest?!”

Plus, I’m 99% certain Carrie Underwood purchased her outfit from a Mary Kay convention (minus the pleated, tapered-leg pants). Just ask the Fug Girls.

Let’s see. What else?

Um, we played tourist this weekend –- Eastern Market for Blue Bucks, Hirshhorn Modern Art Museum and the U.S. Botanic Garden. I'm sure you could guess that food, art and flowers, mixed with THEMOSTAMAZINGWEATHEREVER are ingredients for a perfect day at Casa Wickstrom.

We also enjoyed a lovely bar-b-que with friends (although I didn’t enjoy my blackened burger –- Note to Mr. Wickstrom: You’re fired!), then spent Monday scouring every Marshalls and TJ Maxx from here to eternity in search of luggage.

So, yah, there’s your re-cap.

I feel better, thanks for listening. I love you blog! You're just, like, always there for me. I'm as happy as if I'd actually eaten that case of chocolate.

(sniffle, sniffle)

Crap, where did I banish my box of tissue?

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shaniqua said...

welcome back. you've been deeply missed!

heidi said...

where have you found lucite candleholders? i am dying to update my home. and some lucite lamps. in clear please.

Wendy Weiler King said...

I'm so glad you're back. Things just weren't the same.