Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi! Hello!!! Remember me?!

I'm neglectful -- shame on me. But it was for a good reason. I was relaxing/visiting friends/frolicking in the mountains/luxurizing on someone else's dollar/reuniting with the hubby in Park City. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I make you jealous? Don't feel bad -- my life picked up full speed exactly where I left off. (sigh)

Here, let me make it up to you.
Your eyes don't deceive you -- those really are BACON CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!

More info here.

And I promise pictures, pictures, words and pictures about my trip and husband-less June are just around the corner.

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Crissy said...

Becky! I am so jealous that you got to visit Utah. Rachel and Joel said you got together with them one day and that makes me even more jealous. I wish we could have still been there so we could see you too! Sounds like you had fun. By the way...the Twilight Series (your Books Du Jour) is the very best of all time. I'm reading them now for the (cough) 4th time...okay that's embarassing, but what's a girl to do when spending hours feeding a newborn each day?!

By the way...what was Chris in Utah for the whole month of June for?

Gel said...

i'm so glad you got to go see Chris and spend time whith him. Wish we could have met you there to see you. Maybe this trip will show u that you need to go to Portland instead of Utah!!