Friday, July 18, 2008

Becky's Picks: 2008 Big Birthday Giveaway!

*Winner announced at the end of this post.*

The title of my 2008 Big Birthday Giveaway may be a tad deceptive. We all know that if I really gave away THE five things I love the most, I'd be 1) broke, and 2) husband-less. What I'm trying to say is, "NO! You can't have Chris!"

Without further delay:

How I picked it:
Earlier this year I was strolling through Sephora when I came across a beautifully packaged gift set. I knew nothing about the Korres products I held except that they looked cool! I was sold! Lucky for me, the products inside the beautiful wrappers are every bit as wonderful as they look.

Now I can't live without the body wash (in cedar, guava or fig) or the lip butter. And once a week I indulge in the decadent body butter.

What I love:
I love the earthy scents, the natural ingredients and how soft and supple my lips feel after a smear of the lip butter, which contains shea butter for deep moisturization (this is the best chapped lips-remedy I've ever tried).

Korres Natural Products is a Greek company with roots in Athens' first ever Homeopathic Pharmacy. The company uses only top quality plant extracts and avoids synthetic ingredients like mineral oil and propylene glycol.

What You'll Love:
You'll have the lips of a Greek Goddess!

Buy yours here.

2. Moleskin Cahier Pocket Ruled Journal (set of 3)
How I picked it:
When my mother-in-law visited this spring, she brought housewarming gifts, including this set of Moleskin journals. It didn't take long before the petite journals became one of my can't-live-without-items.

What I love:
As a standard in the design/art world, these notebooks feature a chic, minimal design. I love the size, which is perfect for tossing in your purse or tucking in your back pocket. I use mine to scribble notes on the Metro, draft iPod playlists, sketch, doodle, daydream, write notes-to-self, etc. Chris uses his as a low-fi, homespun PDA.

What you'll love:
You'll love scribbling notes on the fly. You'll also love the first page of your journal, which will have a hand-written note from my journal previewing an upcoming Misadventure on the Metro:
"Even semi-cute girls in purple cotton dresses and gladiator sandals pick their noses."
Buy yours here.

How I picked it:
Could my favorite things list NOT include Anthropologie? No! These pearl-adorned bobby pins are the perfect balance of vintage glamor, which is totally my style.

What I love:
I love almost everything that comes out of Anthropologie and lately I've been on an accessory-buying kick. Plus, I love pinning back my bangs with bobby pins in what Chris describes as "rocker hair."

What you'll love:
Your mind will start running laps when you think about how many ways you can use these gorgeous bobbles!

Buy yours here. (And while you're at it, buy 100 of the other gorgeous items in the store!)

4. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Surface Wipes
Why I picked it:
I am SUPER picky about smells, particularly when it comes to soaps and cleaning products. Plus, I try to use products with as many natural ingredients as possible. Oh, and I love great packaging (what can I say? I'm all about aesthetics).

I tried these surface wipes after using and loving the hand soaps and was instantly hooked!

What I love:
I love the handiness of a wipe, without the chemical odor. I use mine on the kitchen counters, the trash can, the coffee table, even bathroom surfaces when I'm in a pinch. They're great for a once-over.

Mrs. Meyers uses naturally derived ingredients whenever possible (including corn, sugar cane, coconut and palm). Their packaging is biodegradable and they don't test on animals. In addition to lemon verbena, other stand-out fragrances from Mrs. Meyer include lavender (which is a warm, spicy aroma) and geranium (smells just like the flowers).

What you'll love:
You'll adore the bright, clean scent that lingers around your house after you wipe down a surface.

Buy it here.

Why I picked it:
I've been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for YEARS! I've tried almost every variety known to man and usually settled on a combination of two varieties to achieve acceptable results.

Then I read about Diorshow Mascara, which was named a Best of Sephora product for the past couple of years. From the moment it first hit my lashes, I was converted!

What I love:
This silky formula doesn't clump and pumps up the volume on your lashes in only two coats (although I'm more of a 3-coat person). Plus, your lashes feel fancy and important wearing designer (aka Christian Dior) mascara!

What you'll love:
You'll feel like a runway model in less than 10 seconds.

Buy yours here.

I'm sending you a pack of my favorite gum -- Wrigley's 5. Isn't the package cool? It's sugar free and the flavors are YUMMY! I love the cobalt.

And, you're getting my "Come on Get Happy!" cd. This playlist will make you want to sing, dance and frolic!

According to, the lucky winner of my 2008 Big Birthday Giveaway is:

"AHHHHHHHHHH! me! oh pick me!
and happy birthday-
and a note to seige- my dream for my 30th birthday is a goodbye-to-my-youth-funeral-birthday, complete with a headstone cake, obituary invitations, black balloons, all black clothing, ridiculous floral displays and creepy organ hymns quietly playing. AND FUNERAL POTATOES. try it!
and happy birthday again to becky!"
Congratulations! I love the birthday funeral idea! E-mail me your address (see sidebar).

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic birthday wishes! I think we'll make this a new annual tradition!

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Jessica F. said...

You are way too much fun! I pick YOU!!!

shaniqua said...

what a sad.sad.sad.sad.sad.sad. day...for me.

jen said...

you really sold me on those products...i might have to go pick some up anyway!

Harley King said...

I love Moleskines. I use them all the time. I wrap mine in duct tape to make them extra durable.

heidi said...

for real? me? oh, you shouldn't have! wait, of course you should! go right ahead! on complaints here!

taryn said...

amen, sistah! diorshow mascara is the bomb! I found it after I had a nasty run-in with eyelash extensions that left me with about 1/4 of my normal lashes. someone forgot to warn me about that part. diorshow allowed me to show my face in public while the poor little darlings grew back.