Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear U.S. Airways,

A free stay at this hotel and $10 food vouchers to Palms Restaurant (not to be confused with this place) does not compensate for my canceled flight and missed day of work.

Oh, and Dear Airport Inn Hotel -- your name is redundant.

Disgruntled in D.C.

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Khand said...

Dear Becky,
I thought I'd create my own since after enjoying reading yours. It's not as cool or creative as yours but it's gettn there--just gettn the hang of all this nonesense.

Holly said...

so sorry.

kristilee said...

Oh Becky-
Sorry your trip had to end that way. We loved having you guys out here though and I absolutely think you're marvelous. You and Chris rock (quite literally, on the harmonica, banjo, mandolin, etc). Let me know if you still want that banana split ice cream recipe. I can email it to you.
Say, "hi" to Arlington for me and get some rest!

Maegan said...

I am sorry to hear that your stay at the airport inn wasn't the best. I was hoping you'd get $100 voucher for a future flight or free meals every time you fly for the next year. Not that any airlines gives that kind of service but I guess we can all dream.
I put on a blue flower shirt today and Ashley said, "Mom you have Becky's shirt." I guess she was appreciating your stylish top when you were here and she was glad to see that I was getting into it too.
We loved having you out here! Bryan and I watched 'I'm Not Crying' last night and laughed lots more. And I just heard you guys will be joining us out here too! HOORAY! We are sure to have lots of good time ahead.

becky said...

LOL -- I'm such a whiner! It wasn't as bad as the KC dive we stayed at en route to our new home in D.C.

But still, U.S. Airways is pathetic.

nickiefowles said...

Hi honey, Been there, done that, except that after arriving at the airport the next morning after a "free"nights stay at a crummy airportish hotel, I had to rent a car (van was all they had) buy gas, and drive home to the mountains. (Our flight was cancelled due to Weather Related conditions) In other words, the Gypsum plant had sent fog over to the airport. A lady shared my ride home, but never sent me any money to pay 1/2 her way. I'll bet everyone who reads your blog has had some crummy experiences too, but we always hope they don't happen too often. Glad you're home safe and sound. Love, Mom

Harley King said...

Dear Disgruntled,

We're sorry we suck and continue to hemorrhage money with stratospheric gas prices. Please take your voucher and write something good about us to all of your friends.



Jessica F. said...

I love you!!!

Ashlee said...

Oh, yucky, yucky!!