Monday, September 29, 2008

UPDATED: Office Premiere Party Recap

Our third-annual Office Premiere Party was a smash! It was such a success, in fact, that I only had time to snap a handful of random pictures while finishing a delicious meal for more than a dozen people and making last-minute adjustments to my Pam-inspired outfit.

**Lucky for me, these
GLORIOUS friends captured the party perfectly. See pictures below.

Party highlights:

- Chili's-esque dinner (again, I know)
- Banana-split pie
- Business casual attire (awesome participation, guests)
- Amazing company ("company," he he, I'm hilarious)
- Bubblewrap tablecloth
- Sticky note wall decor (I tried to recreate the feel of an office by adorning my walls with memos from "Future Dwight," fliers for the "Finer Things Club" and documents about dealing with difficult people. I also used an entire package of post-its. One of my guests said it was very Anthropologie-esque. That guest is my new favorite friend).
- Nifty gifty exchange (hybrid of the Christmas exchange and the nifty gifties presented by Michael after the Scranton merger). The most coveted gifts included these and this.
- An awesome screening of the premier. I need to re-watch the episode by myself so I can appropriately swoon over Jim and Pam! Awwwww!
The tablescape (no room for a centerpiece this year -- too much food!)

Nice shot, Harley!

"Business cards," placecard holders and Jell-O.

Menu with official logo.

Bubblewrap close-up.

Nifty Gifty.

Interoffice memo from "Future Dwight."

Post-it overload.

Love the Kings, hate this picture of me.

Anderson King -- cutest Office Party baby EVER!

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Kelsey and Dave said...

I've been watching your blog for a recap of the Office party...sounds like it was a hit!

Wendy Weiler King said...

Heck yeah it was a smash! (okay, that's more Napoleon than Office but you catch my drift.) I've been waiting for this post. We LOVED the party and your place DID look so Anthro.;) Everything was perfect, delicious and soooo huh-larious. Harley snapped some good photos. I will send them to you stat. Meantime, how 'bout that blind blog date?

jen said...

Becky you are so creative! This is a great idea. I can't wait for this season - should be great!

Nickie said...

Hi Honey, Your parties are always the hit of the season! Can't wait until you move closer so that maybe Dad and I will be invited and able to attend one of them sometime. Love Ya Lots! Mom

Holly said...

it was a cute picture of you becky! the party looked fabulous as usual! sniffles and tears for never being in the same city or state during office parties.

Jessica F. said...

You are just way too much fun! I don't even watch the office and feel like I know what it is all about from your party!

Merianne said...

Your party looks like it was a hit! I'm so bummed we were out of town or we would have been there in a heart beat. Next time I promise! (I hope there is a next time...pretty please).

Ashlee said...

This was the most amazing party I have been to--ever. Every detail was observed and fully appreciated by this dundee...I mean attendee. YOU ROCK!!

Gel said...

I miss your parties. We had some good wild parties at your house!! Thanks for calling the other day it was fun talking to you!! Love ya!