Tuesday, October 28, 2008

only because it involves being hearted

I'm a blog tag virgin. Until today. I'm accepting Wendy's challenge (and pretty blog sticker thingy).
You should know that I'm crazy about Wendy (and her boys). They're a cool trio. One of my New Year's resolutions will be to hang out with them more.

Alright, on with the show. The rules with this tag: Answer the following questions using just one word (fair warning: I may abuse hyphens and slashes. Don't hate me because I love adjectives.) and tag seven people.

Where is your cell phone? Desk
Where is your significant other? Home/office
Your hair color? Chocolate
Your mother? Serving
Your father? Retro-hip
Your favorite thing? Fashion
Your dream last night? Non-existent
Your dream/goal? Singer
The room you’re in? Office
Your hobby? Many
Your fear? Spiders
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Skinny
Where were you last night? Salon
What you’re not? Famous
One of your wish-list items? Baby
Where you grew up? Colorado
The last thing you did? Lunch
What are you wearing? Bangs
Your TV? HD
Your pet? Flushed
Your computer? Blah
Your mood? Melancholy
Missing someone? Derrick
Your car? Stinks
Something you’re not wearing? Socks
Favorite store? Duh
Your summer? Whirlwind
Love someone? Someones
Your favorite color? Purplish-ruby-mustard-orangish-onyx-pinkish-turquoise
When is the last time you laughed? Today
Last time you cried? Today

You're it: Andrea, Gel, Ashley, R.E.M., Chrissy, Shaniqua and Holly.

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Wendy Weiler King said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this. My favorite part: "your pet: flushed." ha ha!

Seige said...

i hope you get a baby! waiting is the hardest part but so worth it in the end!

Rachel said...

did it cause I love you!

Harley King said...

Your office parties: awesome
Your hubby: smart
Your guitar hero rock skills: expanding