Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday treat

First, canned bacon. Simply open the can, unroll and eat. According to the online peddler: "For the first time in almost 20 years, canned bacon is back in this country. Not available in any store!"
Also, Bacon Aioli. The creator concedes, "If there is a cooking hell, I just wrote myself a ticket."
"I cooked off a few strips of bacon that I found tucked away in my fridge intending to use it to top a nice chef salad. And then there were all those yummy drippings and crispy bits hanging around in the pan that, as usual, I was having a hard time coming to terms with having to throw away...later the inspiration struck: instead of aioli made with olive oil, why not try using all that bacony, yummy goodness in place of the oil?

"So, same deal as a traditional aioli, egg yolk and lemon juice and a small clove of garlic plus approximately equal measures of bacon drippings and olive oil. And once it was aioli-ified, I sort of went a little crazy and threw a strip of the cooked bacon into the food processor, too.

"The result was crazy good...like aioli on crack. Bacon crack. Crackoli."

That's my kind of recipe!

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Holly said...

i don't feel like logging back into my email. email me about your vintage photo shoot, that sounds fun!! and i think i am just going to get you a pack of bacon for christmas. like a jumbo pack!!