Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Favorites: Romance + Sprockets?

Autumn is the most romantic season to fall in love. I would know.

I met my gorgeous husband during a fiery Utah Fall. Everything was perfect – crisp leaves underfoot, the woody smell of wilting trees and grass, golden sunsets bathing the mountain skyline in color, cool evenings spent holding each other close, the soft scratch of his wool sweaters against my cheek, and nights that ended with long embraces and lingering kisses (sorry mom – I mean shaking hands).

Fall also brought Halloween and I was euphoric with the thought of parading a new boyfriend to all of my social engagements.

My costume came together easily: roommate’s high school cheerleading outfit, ponytail, paw print on cheek. I was adorable. I couldn’t get over myself.

The night arrived for one of our many parties and I peppified myself, crossed the street to Chris’ apartment and waited on his couch for him to finish costuming. Five minutes after I arrived, he sprung from the hallway, landing in a superman pose in the center of the room.

My jaw hit the floor. My cheeks colored.

I scanned him from head to toe and forced myself to meet his eye.

Pride beamed as he asked, “So? What do you think of my costume?”


“Do you get it?”

“Um,” I stammered. “Are you a runner?”

“No, come on. I know you get it.” He wiggled his body in strange contorts, ending with "Ta da.”

I could feel my brow tensing in confusion.

“Now is the time on Sprockets vhen ve dance.”
More wild hip thrusts.

I was really blushing at this point. I scanned him again – round wire-rimmed glasses, tight black turtleneck which ended at his waist and, (the cause for my blush) skin-tight, shiny black spandex. REVEALING black spandex. I-DON’T-KNOW-YOU-THAT-WELL-YET spandex.

“I’m a sprocket.”

“A what?” I struggled to keep my eyes on his face.

“Mike Meyers? Sprocket?
'Your story has become tiresome?' SNL?”

Falling for a man who prances around in shiny spandex and shakes his bootie while employing a highly affected German accent all in the name of Halloween is definitely my favorite.

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Wendy Weiler King said...

bahahahahaha! love this story! i want a re-enactment!

Holly said...

yes, I remember we actually fell to the floor laughing (and blushing) I had no idea what a sprocket was!!!! I am laughing hard now just remembering. THAT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! How come you didn't include a pic of the great cheerleading costumes?????

Jessica F. said...

So was he the same thing this year??? You guys are way too much fun!

jen said...

I have a picture of your costumes that year in a college photo album. Unfortunately, I don't think I saw Chris as a Sprocket, but this story was enough to give me a great mental image. I must go scrub my brain! :)

becky said...

Holly -- sorry you got edited out of this recounted. I should have kept you in -- the fact that you've also seen my husband in the aforementioned outfit is HILARIOUS! :)

I need to pull out those Halloween pictures -- we were particularly cute that year.