Thursday, December 11, 2008

The 12 Dates of Christmas -- Ice Skating

Date 3: Ice skating at the National Sculpture Garden outdoor rink. Don't live by the sculpture garden? That's why God invented planes. Or you can improvise by visiting a local ice (or roller) skating rink and then walking past a sculpture on your way home. Same difference.

What you'll love: Depending on your skill level, you'll love laughing at your partner's incessant spills. Or maybe you'll love playing the damsel in distress, necessitating much hand-holding and "saving" from falls. The best part will likely be the warm, soothing bath at the end of your date.

Cost: $$
($20, including rentals)
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Rachel said...

So I love your line "that's why they invted planes." Question--have you done all these dates yet?!?!? When is your date to see Twilight?

Rachel said...

I meant to type "invented planes"