Thursday, December 04, 2008

confessions of happiness

When I was first married I suffered from severe separation anxiety. Every day I awoke in a teeny tiny apartment with my handsome husband, who was unfortunately always running off to work or school.

And although I was blissfully happy to be married, I was alone and the house was quiet. I missed the chaos and noise of my friends and roommates. I missed multiple closets from which to pick the perfect outfit. I missed late night girl talk.

I eventually adapted to my new life (which is wonderful, don't get me wrong) and learned to pack my girls into my social schedule as often as possible. I hosted slumber parties, spaghetti parties, Sunday dinners, dates with Chris and friends, shopping excursions, movie nights, closet chats (where we'd sit in my closet and talk).

I found the best of both worlds.

Six years later, with law school finals again stealing
away my handsome husband, I've been on girl time overload:

- Monday
- Tuesday

- Wednesday

- Tonight
Add in many amazing e-mail conversations (you can guess about what) and phone chats and I'm over the rainbow happy. Plus, next week is my Favorite Things Party (ala Sound of Music, not Oprah). Are you coming?

I love you, girls.

(Don't worry, Chris. You're still my favorite, you're just not as fun when it comes to shoe talk.)

(How many more times can I mention Twilight/Rob on this blog?!)

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heidi said...

seriously, i had no idea that you are a law school widow. probably because i have never met you. i was once a law school widow and i am now a law widow with 2 kids. i am glad that you have friends to get you through this. i only had costco-sized boxes of velveeta cheese to get me through. the extra pounds were my friends. the law is a jealous mistress.

Rachel said...

Ooh...I just can't wait until all of the girl time we'll have in July! Yeah for Bar studying!!