Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We interrupt the regularly scheduled unpacking with something fun!

I should have been unpacking, but my new kitchen was beckoning! It is INFINITELY more fun to cook in a fabulous kitchen -- I hereby encourage everyone to get one!

Justification for the packing distraction: I have AMAZING new neighbors and co-workers and needed to do something nice.

So I made mini apple pies (by "I" I mean "Chris and I and mostly Chris"). Aren't they adorable?
Download the cute packaging here. (I edited the box to exclude the Valentine's Day sentiment. If you need a copy, e-mail me at

P.S. I'm BACK!
And with a vengeance.
Watch out world!

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Holly said...

Due to our conversation I'm going to have to say I at least talked you into doing one post. :) I do love that packaging! And now I know what I'm getting Chris for his housewarming gift. :)

Jessica F. said...

Oh to be your neighbor or co-worker!

Kara said...

Those look delicioso! What in the world would even make one look up a cutesy decorative gift box??? I didn't even know they had patterns like that. You always have such fabulous ideas!