Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bright Spot

For quite some time (actually since I received the assignment in November), I've been meaning to start a reoccuring column dedicated to the Sunbeam class I teach at church (3- and 4-year-olds). I receive hours of entertainment from the 20 kids (yes, 20!!) I have the pleasure to associate with each week. I am amazed at their sophistication and intelligence, not to mention their keen sense of humor. And I can't think of another thing I do that brings me more joy! These kids are great!!!

Here are some recent tidbits:

In response to a "badge" I made for everyone to wear announcing which church they belong to:

"Wow! This badge is so cool. It looks like a policeman's badge. When I grow up I either want to be a policeman or work at McDonald's."
In response to a discussion about Heavenly Father (and I have no idea what sparked this dialogue):
Sunbeam 1: "Heavenly Father lives up in the sparkle in the sky" [arms waving, fingers "sparkling" towards the ceiling]
unbeam 2: "No, he doesn't. He lives in the wilderness!"
Singing time with all of the kids at church:
Singing time teacher: "Okay, is everyone feeling energetic today?"
Excited Sunbeam:
"Me! Me! I'm feeling 'ENTERGETIC!'"
Response to my hair-do change:
Sunbeam: "I hate you!"
"You hate me? Why? Is it because I'm mean?"

[grumpily] "No!"

"Is it because I'm ugly?"

[grumpily] "No...I hate curly hair!"

"You do? [stifling a smile] But your hair is curly."

[rubbing hair vigorously] "Now it's flat."

"Would you like me better if I wear my hair straight next week?"

Other notable events:
- partial nudity (Me: "Okay, let's put that away.")
- potty training mishap (The little boy's eyes were watering - I thought he put too many fruit snacks in his mouth and was choking...until I looked at his shoe...and saw a drip!)

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