Tuesday, September 26, 2006

if only the dress was this cute

Just by joining, I single-handedly dropped the average age 10 years! No, I didn't finally cave to the incessant mailings from AARP (how did they get my address anyway?! And who told them I'm 50+?)

Drum roll please...

I am the newest member of the Mormon Choir of Washington, D.C.** (think Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but smaller and less famous).We do, however, sport the same insipid and unflattering powder blue dresses. Ugh.

Read all about us here.

The directors are awesome, we have killer sopranos (apparently I'll become even better acquainted with them since being recruited from my usual spot among the altos). I think they let me in based on personality (I've VERY rusty). But once I prove myself and become the most popular girl in the choir, I'm convincing everyone to buy this dress:

Or I'll just convince them to let me wear this one.

Ok, fine. I'll just buy it for myself.

**my mom MADE ME post this information - really.


Rachel Connett said...

Congratulations! I am so glad your mom made you tell us all. That is awesome! You have such an incredible voice, I love listening to your CD. The dress is a great idea, you should also contact someone in SLC before this weekend!!
Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

my favorite thing about the mormon tabernacle choir is their dresses. i love when i'm flipping through the channels on tv, and come across one of their performances, and i say to myself "is this recent or 10 years ago?" cause yeah...you cant tell by the clothing.
but...congrats none the less! and good luck with the new dress idea