Thursday, October 05, 2006

I should get paid for this!

Can I just set the record straight? I LOVE CRAIGSLIST! And I'm a little obsessed.

Here's how I see it:

Like many people, I have very specific taste in clothing, home decor, etc. Although my parents are much to blame for my addiction to style, they also instilled in me a yearning for a bargain. So, I stake out the goods I want and (usually) wait for them to go on sale.

Craigslist, a virtual yardsale/eBay site for anything and everything, is the marriage of both my need for cool stuff and wanting to find the best deal. At least where we live, people post BRAND. SPANKING. NEW. items. And I call them. And get exactly what I want.

My success stories so far:
- Super cute, practically new Crate and Barrel overstuffed chair for my bedroom at a fraction of the original price
- THE EXACT LEATHER CHAIR Chris and I had our hearts set on; Crate and Barrel; six months old; pristine condition; perfect color; pervious owners were "changing their decor"; still selling in stores for $2,000. We paid WAY less than that!
- And finally, this:
A new Pottery Barn trundle bed--perfect addition to our home office. And the final reason to convince all to visit the Wickstroms.

Okay, gotta run. Craigslist, please send my endorsement check to my home address.


Mom said...

Wrong! You can't blame your shopping habits on your parents! You are solely to blame. Love your new bed. Love, mom

Chris and Becky Wickstrom said...

Baloney! I blame you guys - isn't that the chic thing to do - blame the 'rents?

When I was little, I had the fanciest dress-up box in town. I had REAL prom dresses.

And you say I'm to blame...pshaw!

Rachel Connett said...

You've convinced me to check out Craig's list. I just wish I had your style!
One of these days we will come and stay in that awesome new bed.