Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yep, it was THAT good!!!

By now everyone knows Chris is crafty. I like to think he developed these skills under my tutelage as I led the Enrichment Committee (think ladies, crafts, food, chatting, etc.) for church. Apparently, though, he's been a chef-in-training for quite some time. However he came by his mad cooking skills, I'm just glad it was me who taste tested this deep-dish caramel apple pie. Pretty, right? IT WAS EVEN TASTIER THAN IT LOOKS!

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Your loving sister. said...

He's been doing stuff like that since we were little whipersnappers. He attemped fudge or caramel or taffy, with the heat thermometer and all, before I even knew what cooking was. And pretzels. Who does that? My brother.