Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No longer an innocent young chap

Newsflash: Chris is 30 AND still has a baby face. To make sure he doesn't lose touch with his inner rocker and become a boring old man, I gifted him with tickets to see Trey Anastasio in D.C. And a couple of pearl-snap shirts. I appear to have been stuck in a pearl-snap shopping rut this year.

Pearl-snap shirt A.Oooooo...ginger wasabi sauce...delicious!30 candles on a really small cake? No problem for the sisters-in-law! Lighting the candles was a different story.Pearl-snap shirt B. Doesn't the cake look like a fireball?


shaniqua said...

did the cake taste like wax?? haha...

i dont like connecticut. its very very very cold. maybe i would like it better if i hadnt gone in the dead of winter. but either way...dont like it. however, it is wear i bought my prom dress my junior year. for that i give connecticut 6 points.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Chris! And...I like the shirts!
It makes him look at least 29!
Chris you look great! I am glad your wife spoils you rotten!