Wednesday, March 21, 2007

c'mon give it a taste!

What's warm, comforting and (usually) NOT diet-approved? Here's a heaping helping of photo cassarole (don't worry, it has way less calories than this or these, but honestly, the cookie dough here is calling my name).

We'll call this particular blend "Moist Manic Mahem." Why? JUST BECAUSE.

1. Start with a healthy new obsession:

Even though we're not as hip and cool as SOME of our friends (you know who you are), we're digging our new LCD HDTV! I CANNOT get over how great everyone's hair looks on this thing. The highlights, lowlights, glossy shine--seriously!

2. Next throw in beautiful asthetics, stirring vigorously until thoroughly combined:Marriage Zen.
Chris is cultivating his inner budhist whilst plucking leaves from the new bonsai. And me? I'm making it look good by adorning the bonsai area with neat hummingbird statues. I stare at the sculptures ALL THE TIME despite their near-tv location. They're mesmerizing.

3. Swirl in a variety of nuts:
This is really a horrid photo (of me at least). HELLO! Ahem, anyway, OF COURSE we wore green on St. Patrick's Day. OF COURSE. This shot also came at the culmination of our Spring Break partying (and frankly, I could use a vacation from Spring Break--a vacation in my BED with the lights OFF and my eyes SEALED SHUT).

4. Add the following to taste:Cute mommy friends.Cute little girl friends.
(and Taylee "the TEENAGER" sporting sparkly green eyeshadow. And yes, I was SO the enabler on that one).

Healthful green good (and corned beef).

5. Top it off with a generous pinch of:

Serve warm and bubbly. And chase with a double dose of Alka-Seltzer. Does not reheat well. Enjoy!

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shaniqua said...

heeeeeeyy...thats MY friend jessica up there in that picture! how cute and fun you all look!
i went to IKEA on st. patricks day...i know, don't be jealous!