Monday, March 05, 2007

Decorum et all

YAY! It's that time again....a DECORATING POST!

My inner psychiatrist would tell you I waited to post these pictures because of residual guilt; not guilt for making my apartment more beautiful -- guilt for the excess of forced labor during my parents' visit in January. All I can say is THANK YOU! And to those considering employing the 'rents to craft fabulous curtains for your place, THINK AGAIN. These lined linen drapes (and other treasures) are the first and last from the Fowles Shop of Fabulousness (at least until I move and need another set).Tip: While dating, it's a great idea to purchase reindeer flannel sheets for your significant other. They'll come in handy years later when you decide to sew something and need a protective covering for your table.
What's in a smile? This one roughly translates to:

"Becky, stop taking pictures of me. I'm making you curtains - isn't that enough. This was supposed to be an easy little project. You told me we could whip them up in a couple of days. This is the faux smile of the 10-day 'simple linen curtains' project. You're lucky I'm even faking it. You owe me at least 10 grandchildren for this!"
Nostril shot - even dad got in on the "simple linen curtains" project.
Like father-in-law, like son-in-law. Screwdriver, check. Sweaty feet on Becky's lovely decorative pillows, check. Saggy blue sweats, check. (P.S. - don't you love the hanging method for my lovely wall art? Blue painters tape is the new awesome).Now these really were simple - but the fabric had me at hello!
And the ensemble: daybed, shade, violets and portraits of Chris and Becky to watch your every move.
Chris' new hobby: African Violets. To those who thought Chris was only good at chemistry, law, discovering random new musicans, beatboxing, playing the harmonica, illustrating pictures for sunbeams, baking pie and choosing exceptional women (he, he), add expert gardner to his ever-growing list of talents. He is also becoming a bonsai master (more pictures to come).
A blooming violet! If you ask nicely, Chris will even grow one for you!And the ever-anticipated curtains: TA DA! My mom is a master. These linen (yes, linen) curtains were created from a picture I scralled on the grocery list. And because she loves me, she even lined them!Bonus: Mom made a few new pillows to tie the ensemble together. YAY for black, cream and mustard!Be glad you're not Chris: I arranged these pictures on the floor of the office and then instructed my resident handyman to affix them AS LAID OUT on the bedroom wall. I also insisted on PRECISE spacing. And because we've hung a few pictures together before, once I gave the instructions, I left Mr. Wickstrom to his own devices. The result? Perfection!
Notice mustard pillow #2, which coordinates so nicely with the purchased pillow and the hanging shade I HAD TO HAVE. (Also notice the gratutious closet shot. Despite evidence to the contrary, I still frequently insist I have NOTHING to wear).
No, these aren't from Anthropologie (although I am addicted to that store). I am IN LOVE with my grandmother's vintage handtowels. I'll probably never take them down!


Rachel said...

So cute! I am in love with your apartment! An extra incentive to come visit (as if I needed it...). Too bad I was in D.C. two weeks ago for oh-so-short. Much love!

Rachel Connett said...

Becky and Family,
Fabulous! I am in awe and entirely jealous. You guys did a great job! Now we will have to come and visit for sure, regardless of the cost. Thanks for posting the pics!