Wednesday, May 30, 2007

nearly toxic hamilton-wickstrom cocktail

I have a severe hangover.

Memorial Day was marked in Casa Wickstrom by a weekend-long slumber party, a lot of driving and a little shopping, insane amounts of food, board games (including the oft necessitated rule book consultation), memorable one-liners and sleep deprivation. Typical weekend, I guess. Here are the highlights.

Meet another in the long list of Chris' talents: BREAKFAST. These are my favorite breakfast souflees on the planet
.And his tried and true cheesy home fries. We also ate Cafe Rio (see photos here), homemade Five Guys fries and burgers, a "breakfast" lemon tart and cheescake in excess. I highly recommend Chris' Outrageous Chocolate Cake (awesome name, KILLER cake), which includes a layer of coconut cheesecake that I'm convinced was crafted by Satan himself to coerce me into weighing 700 lbs.
According to John, this was "the most horrible weekend ever. We didn't even play any games." He's shown here using his game pieces (which, according to his account, must be from a game we never actually played) to write coded messages.
Holly was rockin' the train earpieces. Only certain adorable pregnant people can pull off this look.
Of course Chris was reading the rules. Of course. This must have been after he "rested his eyes."
And Trevan was reinacting the famous Titanic scene on the front of the boat. He obviously felt like the king of the world (or the sea?) after watching The Little Mermaid 900 times.
Where was I? I rocked my p.j.s pretty much the entire weekend. And smeared makeup. And crazy hair. But because this is my blog and I refused to take a picture of myself in said state, I leave you with a lovely self-portrait from my office.


Mason and Erika said...

I am in serious need of your Cafe Rio recipes!!!
Love the pictures :)

Rachel said...

Awww, it makes me miss the good old days of Settlers until midnight and lots of wonderful Wickstrom food. Congrats to John and Holly on their upcoming addition!

Dan said...

Becky, why didn't you give the recipe for your famous salmonella surprise?! :)