Wednesday, May 30, 2007

oldies but goodies

I just got off the phone with the slacker store. My ears are bleeding from the scathing rebuke, particulary regarding my delayed picture posting. In addition to prostrating myself at their feet and promising my firstborn (freckle-lipped or otherwise), I agreed to shape up! So, though MONTHS late, enjoy these photos from Sang and Devin's Washington, D.C., adventure (March 2007).

Exhibit A
Cafe Rio salad (aka the nectar of the gods). Made by me. Has since been consumed by many a friend.
And the smile that can only be induced by said heaven in a bowl. I purchased these bowls especially for Cafe Rio nights. They work like a charm.
Exhibit B
Mount Vernon. Georgie had exquisite taste in estates. I'm a big fan.
Especially of the shutters and the faux stone (did you know the facade is in fact wood cut to resemble stone? Um, yah. I was paying attention. Thank you Mt. Vernon tour guides.)
And because NO ONE should visit Mt. Vernon without protection, meet Chris the bodyguard. Pretty hot if you ask me.Speaking of me, this is my signature "don't-you-dare-take-that-picture-or-I'll-stick-out-my-tongue" pose.
P.S. Apparently I was having a bad hair day. UGH.

Exhibit C
National Kite Festival. And like the main character in this book (which I am currently reading), I fancy my life as a series of movie moments (if the soundtrack could be purchased, trust me, it would rock). "Let's Go Fly a Kite" was blaring in my head the entire day.

A monumental view, no? (he he)
And the view to the Capitol. The best part of this picture is the random man's head near the bottom, all bald on top and white on the sides. I was going to crop it out so the picture looked more "professional" but I decided it was better this way. So congratulations random man, half of your face will be preserved in this photo for posterity's sake.
The wind must have circled the date on its calendar, because it showed up in full force. Yay for the kites and me. I had a "wind in my hair" movie moment.
Now for the kites - I love the dragon and shark.
We even saw an eagle. An eagle kite. Did I forget to type kite the first time?
Then we watched a "hot tricks" showdown and some mean kite wars. These people are hardcore, trust me.Exhibit D
Cherry Blossoms. Now for a somewhat sad story. The cherry blossoms were lovely this year. The good news is we saw them. The bad news is they froze a few days later and never quite reached their pink peak.

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