Wednesday, May 16, 2007

party like you're five again

First, the disclaimers.

1. When Angelica asked Taylee for a guest list to her fifth birthday party, Taylee chose her favorite adults - me, Chris, Rob, Jessica, Jared, Yanni (and yes, it feels awesome to have the affection of such a sophisticated five year old).
2. If we polled the guests to see who had more fun---me planning/decorating or them attending the party---I would probably win (it was Just. That. Cute.).
3. When I think 5-year-old girly girl birthday party, I think PINK!
So, without further adeu, I present TAYLEE'S BIRTHDAY/favorite neighbors' going away party (*sniff, sniff*).

I was going for a sugar-coated garden party - cute and girly, yet sorta adult. And wow, can I just say I'm obsessed with these paper flowers?!I planned to make my own gorgeous centerpiece, but thank you Target, for not only the cutest centerpiece ever, but for saving me from my own ambition. And of course - OF COURSE - there was candy, lots of it: marshmallows, pop rocks, skittles and chocolate popcorn.Again with the flowers...I LOVE THEM (in fact, they're still hanging from my ceiling. Maybe I'll call them summer decor and make them a semi-permanent addition).
It's true, this dog and carrying case had us at hello, despite the Paris Hilton-esque vibe.What's a going away gift without a book full of paper dolls, scented crayons, Oh, The Places You'll Go (alright, fine - I'll say it: I'm a sap. And yes, the dedication included many references to paths, journeys, destinations and whatnot. And I cried when I wrote it. Are you happy now?). And the piece de resistance: RAP SNACKS!
I even made the white chocolate popcorn pink and purple! Probably the cutest popcorn I've ever made. Ever.The favors - polka-dotted take-out containers filled with cookies and popcorn. What's not to love?

We played "Who Wants to Be a Birthday Princess" which is exactly like "Who Wants to Be a Millionare" only without the money, Regis or t.v. cameras. There were lifelines, though, and the contestant guessed Disney princesses based on a series of clues. Rob almost made the poor girl lose (that's the last time she phones that friend!)Check out the prize bling.And yes, she was crowned the winner! Party on!

What's a birthday princess to do without a gorgeous Barbie cake? Yanni can add master Barbie cake maker to her long list of talents!

Addie was cutting a rug (not literally, which is a good thing because I really like that rug) and rocking out to Faith Hill (Taylee's favorite).The boys!The girls!The trio: Bec, Gel and Yanni.
The Love Sac as modeled by Rob and Jessica (p.s. How could I not LOVE this girl, even based solely on the fact she's sporting camo shorts...I LOVE!)A happy (and common) exchange between Chris and Tyler from across the room---caught on camera! This special moment captures exactly how we feel about our favorite neighbors. Okay, I'm stopping now...misty is not a good look for me. Jared hates the camera, can you tell? Um, Jared, the HAM STORE called, they want their ham back. And cheese. They want their cheese too.Possibly the cutest pregnant woman on the planet: Yanni. Baby ETA is approximately two weeks.

WE LOVE WiiWe had a multi-bracket Wii tennis tournament. Taylee is pretty good.I even brought Tyler to his knees with my mad tennis moves. We got stuck at deuce for 10 minutes before I finally LET him win.
And the grand finale was the same thing that wraps up all our hangouts - a boxing match between Tyler and Chris. The best part is watching their faces. And seeing beads of sweat dripping from their brows and moistening their underams. Can you say intense?


Rachel said...

Becky - I adore you!! And I am the master at Wii bowling...someday I'll have to show you! xoxoxo

Mason and Erika said...

You're totally going to have to plan all my future parties!


shaniqua said...

will you throw me a birthday party? (aug have plenty of time to plan. haha) it looks like it was tons of fun!

Rachel said...

You are the best ever! Looks like a blast, you were always giving fabulous parties. My personal Favorite...the Elf party! Remind Chris I have pictures of him in those tights! And the chewed up gum on the bowls? Genius.

I want a Christmas-Gram!