Friday, May 18, 2007

so maybe I'm a tad dramatic

One of my favorite people on the planet (read: the girl I used to wake from sleep by singing the BYU fight song at the top of my lungs) pointed out a supreme flaw in my last blog entry. I tagged a picture of Yanni as the "cutest pregnant girl in the world." And I totally stand by what I said.

But, if you know me, you know I have GORGEOUS friends--inside and out! Duh, that's why I hang out with them (haven't you heard Oprah's hooplah about "The Secret"?) And, if you know me, you also know I tend to season everything I do with a pinch (read: heaping handful) of theatrical flare.

The point? ALL of my lovely girlfriends are the most beautiful ladies on the planet. And of course that would make each the cutest pregnant girl in the world.

Awww...see? Cutest!

Shout out to the pregnant possey: Ida (pictured above), Yanni, Gel, Sang, Holly, Camille (if you're name isn't mentioned above, maybe you forgot to tell me you're with child. GET WITH THE PROGRAM).

Oh, and one more thing. For saying such nice things about you, all I'm asking is to be honorary aunt. FAVORITE honorary aunt. Auntie Becky has such a nice ring to it, no? Oh, and I'm NOT asking.

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