Wednesday, June 13, 2007

frequent customer at the cheese and ham store

My recent (too quick) weekend in Colorado was awesome! Mom had several memorable one-liners which shall not be repeated here because a) my blog is PG and b) I don't want you to squirt your diet coke out through your nose, thus ruining your computer and preventing you from ever reading my blog again. Instead, I'll share a barrage of family pictures.

Derrick is looking buff these days.
Apparently he's preventing his mission weight gain even before he leaves.
Still going strong after 33 years.
Trouble, capital T.
That's hot!
Chris surprised us by driving from Utah to spend the night.
The call went something like this:
Me: Hey, what's up babe?
Chris: Nothing. What are you guys doing?
Me (mid-pedicure, thanks mom): We're watching a movie.
Chris: Are you at home?
Me: Yah. Can I actually call you back?
Chris: Come to the front door.
Do we look tanner? Yes, it's true.
We--Chris included--have been tanning in preparation for the Bahamas.
Chris is becoming more metrosexual by the second. Mwahahahaha!


Gel said...

What a nice husband to drive and see you!! Good for you Chris for tanning.. you wouldn't want to be burned on your vacation. Especially if you're wearing your pink shirt... pink and red don't match!!! We miss you guys!

Rachel said...

What a cute family! I love the ham and cheese, even though I am a veggie!
Way to go Chris! Now just drive down to American Fork and see us!