Friday, July 06, 2007

bahamas report, final chapter

Although I could publish photos by the truckload and write volumes about our awesome Bahamian adventure, I will leave you a few of the more lighthearted moments.

And stop being jealous already...this blog will now return to its monotone, black-and-white recap of boring old Wickstrom everyday life.

Chris' decapitated head floating in the ocean.

Don't make me hurt you with my ninja throwing star(fish) moves.

Come on Chris. It's a vacation! Relax a little - jeesh!

Hold on Emily...what is it? My ESP is telling me the picture-taking is making you drowsy.

See, Chris, I do iron. Sometimes. When you're not looking.

Just try looking mad with that freckled baby face.

And this tooth is actually a baby tooth. Every dentist points it out on the x-rays.

Shoot...where did that stupid contact drop?

Hardcore (because clearly, plaid shorts + lavender pocket-tee = hardcore).

One of the only public pictures you'll probably ever see of me without makeup. I wanted to demonstrate a real-life example of the age-old Sesame Street song, "One of these things is not like the other." Why does everyone else have cute wedding hair and I look like I paid $45 for a banana-clip up-do perfect for Prom 1985?

I did not ingest illegal narcotics, prescription pills, alcohol or caffeine prior to this photo...PROMISE!

Too many fried conch fritters = glossy island glow.

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Rachel said...

Becky, you could post as many pics of you got of that paradise! Jealous? Yes, but happy you got to enjoy such a great time and that you share it with us via your blog.
You were a hot bridesmaid!! My personal favorite!