Friday, July 06, 2007

bahamas report, chapter 4

What would my Bahamas recap be without pictures from the most important part...THE WEDDING?!

And even though the island is gorgeous and the Wickstroms are gorgeous (he he), and friends of the Wickstroms are gorgeous too, the wedding was even more impressive (despite dooming weather).

Isn't Emily a GORGEOUS bride?

Cori, Em, Grace and I kept Emily calm just before the ceremony. She held up great, but we almost lost it after looking over the balcony and seeing this:
Right before the ceremony was set to begin, angry black clouds enveloped the sky. Chris snapped this photo seconds before the isle runner flew into the ocean. So here we are, panicking, watching the crowd scramble and Em's asking, "What's going on?"

A minute later, Em's mom came into the room, calmly asked us to gather everything we needed for the wedding, handed us umbrellas and ordered us to RUN!

Amazingly, the wedding was reset in the restaurant and under a veranda in a matter of minutes. And the bridesmaids were escorted down the isle with colorful rainbow umbrellas.

The ceremony was perfect--very touching and emotional.

And the sunset was one of the most incredible we saw during our entire stay -
a perfect backdrop for photos.

Em had every detail covered - check out the gorgeous table details and flowers.

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