Monday, August 20, 2007

and now, a list (aka, the WOES and WHOAS)

As is my custom on a semi-regular basis, I enjoy listing
(especially in lieu of traditional e-mail messages. For example,

Hi, how was your weekend? Love you! Bec


A. Hiiiiiiiiiii!

B. I MUST hear details of your weekend.


You get the idea).

And since I've officially blurted my list love to the entire blogosphere and I'm about to spill details of our five-year love celebration, during which time I've sported hot bling (yes, I love!), and since Chris is involved (you know my feelings for him), I hereby present Anniversary number five, in two lists.

a. I forgot the camera - can you believe it? The only picture from our near-perfect weekend is this camera phone
gem:b. I had a restaurant "experience." A (very, very, VERY) BAD experience. My stomach still hurts. I've renamed the place "The CRAP Claw" (much more appropriate than The Crab Claw). Never, EVER go there.
c. In addition to many symptoms which shall not be listed herein, The CRAP Claw also prevented me from seeing what Mr. Wickstrom deemed, "The most GORGEOUS sunset ever!"
d. And The CRAP Claw denied me participation in an island bike ride. And a chance to sport my padded bootie shorts (which feature "
an anatomically shaped chamois with dual-density padding to eliminate riding-time hot spots")!
e. Oh and THE CRAP Claw also made us miss our chartered boat trip. It was pretty crappy!
f. I discovered the store of my dreams -- the rich (and consequently unaffordable) Aunt of Anthropologie -- and all I got was a T-shirt (it's cool and all, but does anyone want to donate $2,500 to the "Becky-found-the-MOSTPERFECT-antique-bed-frame-and-CANNOT-live-another-moment-
without-it" Fund?)

And now,
a. Tilghman Island, Maryland, is DEFINITELY a WHOA and is correctly advertised (IMHO) as "The Pearl of the Chesapeake Bay."
b. The Wood Duck Inn had me saying, "Wow, wow and WOW!" all weekend! Incredible water-front location, charming and super clean rooms with big comfy beds (we stayed here) and incredible, gourmet breakfast. Plus, we slept with the windows open, enjoying the cool evening breeze, and marveling in the silence. It was DIVINE!
c. 208 Talbot is touted as the area's best restaurant and I AGREE! My jumbo lump crab cake on a fried green tomato with caper remoulade and key lime cheesecake were as delicious as they sound. Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin and keyboard.
d. Wandering around the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on an 85-degree Saturday afternoon is my idea of fun. Incidentally, my idea of fun includes watching Chris pick up a crab with "grabbers" whilst giggling with boyish glee. I also found great amusement in the museum's "Did you know?" facts for kids.

On oysters:
"Kids, did you know that somebody somewhere once looked at an oyster and thought eating it raw was a good idea?" Also, "Kids, did you know that when Napoleon wasn't breaking down the defenses of countries or Josephine, he was eating oysters?"
Ahem, racy!
e. Justine's Ice Cream shop crafts the most irresistible Creamsicle shakes I've ever tasted.
f. I can't think of a better way/place to celebrate the last five years of our marriage. I hope I don't have to wait five more years to return and absorb the small-town, picturesque charm (and there is no way I can evade that awesome Anthropologie-esque store for more than, say, 30 days).

This was our best anniversary yet (probably an unfair analysis since we've moved four out of five years and our previous best anniversary included Wendy's frostys). Here's to 55 more divine years.

Chris = Awesome, but you already knew that. After all, he didn't earn his title just by looking like this.

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