Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I cooked! (Aka WOW! Aka trendy foods!)

See, you're never gonna believe this! I'm not lying or anything, it's just almost, almost too good to be true.

First, I've been cooking again, which is to say that prior to now I took an extended cooking sabbatical. It was long and luxurious and I might (read: will likely) return soon. For a moment, though, cooking and I were friends again. You might say we exchanged
BFF hearts.

And after the exchange, we whipped up seven (yes, SEVEN!) dinners.

Exhibit A: Garden-style spaghetti sauce (with Wickstrom-grown fresh basil).
Exhibit B: Shepherd's Pie (ala Becky, aka "gourmet").
There you have it - seven dinners crafted on the day I rekindled my best friends-status with cooking.

I carefully packaged the meals (except Mr. Wickstrom's dinner-sized portion), meticulously penned instructions and cute hearts on the Ziplocks, rearranged/cleaned out/dislodged archaeologically significant artifacts from the depths of the freezer and gently deposited the SEVEN meals for a frozen slumber.

Someday a few neighbors, missionaries and other miscellaneous persons will recollect fondly on the day cooking and I were BFF.

Secondly, I discovered one of my current favorite colors in a unique package:

YES! It is yellow watermelon. And it's every bit as delicious as pink watermelon, just a bit more in style.

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Conservative Futurist said...

Yellow watermelons are of the devil.

Rachel said...

impressive. talk about my girlfriends kitchen! sign me up! oh how i envy those neighbors, i remember when we were the lucky ones!

Mason and Erika said...

That yellow watermelon looks intriguing... I'm sure I can't find it in the land of corn, though :(