Tuesday, August 28, 2007

me, the law and marilyn

(Alternate entry titles:
Everyone's a lawyer but me."
Move aside gloss, I'm all about red lips."
Cold soup is for girls.")


Once upon a Monday, I wore my vintage red rose necklace and (current) favorite shoes. True story:
And although my heart is repeatedly and urgently raptured by pretty, girly (and often red) things, this Monday was different.

On this particular Monday, I whipped up cold soup. It was fresh, zesty and delicate (more on word use later).

Then I chopped the fruits of summer's labor (with particular attention to color and contrast):

We ate a lot.

Oh, did I forget to explain the "we"? You're probably thinking Chris. But let us recap the storyline thus far: me wearing vintage and red lovelies, chilled soup, "pretty" fruit salad.

Still thinking Chris?


My guests were two lawyers. Two blond lawyers. Two very non-lawyerly lawyers. Who look alike. Two blond best friend lawyers. Who both love men named Matt (different men, obviously). Two blond lady-friend, Matt-loving, sisterly lawyers.

So there I was, bedazzled in vintage and red, enjoying delightful company, dipping chunks of rosemary olive oil bread in colorful soup, savoring the gorgeous and equally delicious fruits whilst sipping ice-cold water.

We ate and talked and ate and talked some more, then cleansed our palates with homemade pound cake pilled with sliced strawberries and topped with Haagen Dazs creamy, melty strawberry heaven, ahem, ice cream.

There was but one perfect finale to a ravishing evening:

Marilyn (sigh). Nothing says girl's night quite like a Marilyn Monroe flick.

Or chilled soup.

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