Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I believe in science: Preppy eppy eppy eppy

Even in fifth grade my self-awareness told me I would never worship at the feet of science. I mean it's interesting and whatnot, just not for me. Although I did win first prize at the science fair for my studies of hydroponic plants. And I am married to a chemical engineer.

But I'm pretty sure I bagged the science fair blue ribbon with my mom's fancy graphic display board. And Chris? We can all agree he's hot.

Conclusion: my success in science is the result of pleasing aesthetics.

So I'm embarking on a new scientific/aesthetically pleasing adventure. My hypothesis is that if I post daily photos of my attire then I will be to forced apply greater creativity in outfit composition, practice shopping restraint (since all the free world will see how many clothes "I do not have") and encourage interest in my freelance shopping consultation business.

Okay, I'm
technically not a personal shopper, and yet my brain is brimming with fashion and shopping wisdom. Seriously. Ask me something. ANYTHING.

Without further adieu, I present today's ensemble, aptly titled

Preppy eppy eppy eppy

- Preppy poppy (red/orange) argyle cardigan
- Bubblegum pink pinstriped button-down, with ruffled placket and stand-up collar
- Vintage-y gold-tone heart cluster pendant
- Red rose studs
- Mod titanium rimless bottom glasses
- camel asymmetric wool skirt
- chocolate brown peep-toe heels with metal buckle detailing
- edgy charcoal gray nail polish (consider it the salty element in this sugar-sweet ensemble)
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Rachel said...

Becky Please be my personal shopper! You have put more thought and effort in that outfit than I have for the last year of "outfits"! Contact me for my size and shipping address!
You look great as always! I look forward to this science experiment.

em said...

you're definitely lookin' good! i'm especially fond of the "salty" nail polish!

Harley said...

Love the argyle. Love the glasses. Love everything.

Rachel said...

I looked and this and could think nothing but "I am in love with Becky." You are simply astounding!! LOVE YOU!