Monday, October 15, 2007

a spoonful of fresh mountain air

Did you know I'm sick? Not sick-in-the-mind sick (really?), but sick-in-the-sinuses sick. I've been miserable for two weeks.

So on Saturday, Mr. Wickstrom fastened his apron, floated into the living room on his umbrella and opened his carpet bag of tricks in the middle of the coffee table. I was sure he would prescribe a spoonful of sugar (hmmm...something in the ice cream and chocolate family?), but he had other plans.

Mr. Wickstrom was thinking "mountains" (quotation marks required when describing Virginia "mountains").

Two hours later we were in Shenandoah National Park. I loved it (and not just because I made All-State Choir by singing "Oh Shenandoah").

This is my favorite picture! Notice how full Chris' hair looks? Look closer...he's getting some help from the trees in the background.

After witnessing our self-portraiting, a nice Chinese man offered to snap our picture. Sorry, Chris--no tree help this time.

But anyway, I love self-portraits!

And pictures of thistle (a NOXIOUS weed I know all too well) and butterflies. Ugly weeds are the new pretty.

What else do I love? Red nails, my vintage right-hand ring and that cozy pink sweater. And spending the perfect Fall day with Mother Nature and Mr. Wickstrom.

We're going back in two weeks. Wanna come?

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